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Gordon Ramsay Caesars Palace Atlantic City DoTube's Pick Of The Week!

All the locals in Atlantic City, know that the boardwalk between Missouri and Arkansas Avenue is not only the center of Atlantic City but also a year-round hot spot! No matter what the weather, season or day of the week, there is always people walking, shopping and eating in this part of town!

Before any mention of a casino, there was a Howard Johnson's restaurant on the corner Arkansas and Pacific Ave. It's where my Mother would take my sister and I every Saturday for one of their famous ice cream sundaes. I was so heartbroken when I heard the news that some place called Caesars Boardwalk Regency, was going to knock down Howard Johnson's and build a casino there, BLAY! Who wants a stupid casino? When you can have an ice cream sundae any time, you want! Of course, I was seven years old at the time.

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On June 26, 1979, it seemed like the whole world, including my family, rushed to the grand opening of Caesars Boardwalk Regency! I must admit in my nine short years I have never seen anything like it in my life. The bright flashing lights, the sound of ringing bells from the slot machines... WAIT! is that a game room? And right next to it was a C.W. Sweets ice cream parlor, where you can eat all the gourmet sundae's you want! And I lived happily ever after.

For those of yous who were not a part of the MTV area, you may not know that the Caesars you see today in Atlantic City, is totally different than the original Caesars from the 70's and 80's. It took years to grow into the massive Roman Empire you see today!
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 The modern day structure and design was adapted from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. After you receive your valet ticket and enter the front door, you will take a ride up an escalator that will transport you from the Jersey shore to the center of an ancient Roman city. With a massive statue of  King Caesar, amazing Roman structures, beautiful palm trees and in the left corner a British Pub & Grill...WAIT!!!! A BRITISH PUB AND GRILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROMAN EMPIRE?

In April of 2015, world famous chef and star of the hit reality TV show, Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, placed a British flag in the center of Caesars Palaces Atlantic City! Instead of blending in the Rome decor, he decided to cause a culture clash by staying true to his British roots and integrate London inspired elements and designs throughout his restaurant.

There are four different style dining areas at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. The outside dining area is right in the center of Caesars lobby, with a great view of the giant statue of King Caesar himself! The red lamps are a reference to the iconic red phone booths that London is famous for.

The second area is the main dining room with private booths, flat screen TV's, full-service bar, with a large variety of wines from around the world, and many London inspired designs!

The third dining room area is a replica of a true British pub and grill, hence the name! I have never been to a pub in London before, but this is how I imagine it to look like, gold stained mirrors surrounded by dark wood and antique lanterns hanging on the wall that light up only sections of the dark pub. The table lamps and private booths give this dining area the feeling and atmosphere of a locals favorite pub in London!

And last but not least the fourth dining area which is the most intimate. It's like Mr. Ramsay, inviting you to his living room for lunch! With black and white London inspired wallpaper, black leather sofas, table lamps and red tables that also reference to the famous London phone booths, this dining area is spectacular!

If that's not intimate enough for you? Then the large painting of Mr. Ramsay's beloved dog Rumpole hanging on the wall will make you feel like home!

I must admit, this was my favorite dining area of all, but because of the dim lighting, I could not take any pictures or video without a flash which would distort the beauty of the dining area. So I sat at a table with better lighting, just to get the right shots, OH the sacrifices a blogger must make!

I was super impressed by all the different shapes and styles of their dining room chairs, big comfortable lounge chairs with bold colorful stripes, square leather bar stools, and extra large leather sofas.

I was only one person, and the wait was about 20 minutes long. So I do suggest TO CALL AHEAD to make reservations. The host was so friendly, so I didn't mind waiting. The waitress I had was named Elizabeth, but she told me to call her Liz ( So Of Course, I Loved Her! ) She was very nice,
and very helpful when it came to service and suggestions from the menu!

For a full visual detail and review of the restaurant's atmosphere and food, go watch my video of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Caesars Palace Atlantic City, at the bottom of the blog! 





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