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Bobby DoTube Professional Restaurant, Fashion, Lifestyle Vlogger & Promoter for Hire. Producer & Host Of all things Atlantic City NJ events & hotspots! DoAC

I have an international reputation for being an authority on the best restaurants to dine and one of the best food reviewers in the Tri-State area. 
I'm a photographer, videographer and video marketing digital producer for businesses in New York City, and NewJersey. ''I have people and subscribers all over the world that watch my YouTube videos. Some even call me when they are planning a trip to New York or NewJersey for restaurant tips. Over the last 5 years, through watching my YouTube videos, people feel they know me.

''It is a good feeling to know my videos engage people and have a positive impact for local business owners. It is an honor to be designated New York City's 'Coolest YouTube Video Marketing Producer & Entrepreneur!

Bobby DoTube

Who is he? The outcome of a new Internet opinion poll, from which respondents were asked to recognize the ''Coolest YouTube Video Marketing Producer & Entrepreneur, yielded what some would suggest was a fairly predictable result: Bobby DoTube, local entrepreneur, business man and well know YouTube video creator, was picked well over any other recognizable name in New York City.

Bobby DoTube is a photographer, videographer, video editor, video marketing digital producer, and Founder Of Bobby DoTube Productions. He is the creator of several popular YouTube channels, with ''Bragging Rights of Over 1,000,000'' YouTube views since 2005. He is known as a Restaurant, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Vlogger. He brings the best travel information, as well as restaurant and shopping tips to his followers on Instagram, Twitter,YouTube and Facebook.

Bobby DoTube has photographed, videotaped, and chronicled many food eateries in the Tri-State Area, from street food carts, food truck vendors, take out food places, and sit down bistros, to cafes and restaurants.

Highlights of the skills and experience for this New York, and New Jersey, Videographer include: Scripting, Shooting, Photography, Graphics, Music, Voice Over, Video Editing, and Post Production for Events, not to mention Local Business Promotional Web Videos.


  1. Bobby you the man when it comes to food, will be checking your tweets and YouTube channel out. Stay cool brother.


    1. Hey Scott thanks for the nice comment! it's means a lot to me TY!