Monday, May 25, 2015

"Charley's Steak House in Orlando FL."

When my family and I were planning our vacation to Orlando FL, in 2013, we planned to visit all our favorite family places to eat. We keep our dining experience very traditional by eating at the same restaurants over the years; all our family members have their pick on where to eat each night of our ten-day vacation.

Now, of course, this could very $$$! So trying somewhere new and taking a chance on having a bad dinner could hurt our budget, plus nobody wanted to give up their night of restaurant choice

( spoiled brats )

So after ten years I was getting a little bored of my restaurant choice and decided to be the martyr and try a new restaurant on my night to choose. So I post an Instagram asking my followers where would they suggest for me to have a nice dinner with my whole family in Orlando? The comments were unanimous, Charley's Steak House, flooded my comment box, so we made our reservation for eight at 830 pm, and we were off. So here's my review!

Great family place to eat on vacation, dress up or dress down, dark and elegant with great food and service! It's a must for any family gathering or just a romantic evening for two.

The Florida Stone Crab Claws ( in season )

The Florida Stone Crab Claws ( in season ) over ice with lemon, lime and Johnnie's famous mustard sauce was fresh and as you can see? Bright in color which is pleasing to the eye and taste buds.

Plenty of sweet white crab meat was found after a little twist and crack of the shell, which was definitely worth the small effort. Only 4 of my family members eat seafood, so there was a nice amount to share between us. If you're a Stone Crab lover and you're there in the season ( NOTE, we were there in February ) then this is a must! For either an appetizer for the table or an entree for one, you will not regret it!.
The Deep Fried Portobello Mushrooms 

Covered in Greens & Tomatoes

Because we were trying a new restaurant and I'm a foodie, naturally I wanted to try something new and different, so I asked the waiter what was their most popular appetizer? He told me the deep-fried Portobello Mushrooms covered in greens & tomatoes was a must! Well, I'm glad I took his advice because it was the something new and different I was looking for.

The Portobello Mushrooms were Hugh and had a light crispy crunch on the outside, but once I started chewing the delicious mushroom, the flavor on the inside exploded, and gave my taste buds a pleasant surprise!

The garlic greens and chopped tomatoes were sauteed and placed over the mushrooms, which worked in perfect harmony to make this appetizer delicious! If you have never tried this appetizer and you're in the mood for something new? Then take mine and the waiter's advice when we say it's is a must!
The 24 oz Porterhouse Steak

Now since it is called "Charley's Steak House, it would be ludicrous not to order what the restaurant is famous for? I think even a vegetarian would be at least curious about the type of steaks they serve? ( of course, I'm trying to be funny! )

 My favorite part of my dining experience? Our waitress pushed over a rolling cart, with different styles and cuts of steak to our table. She explained each one in detail, that way you could choose the exact type of steak you would enjoy eating. We decided to go with two 24 oz Porterhouse Steaks, even though we had over 100 disagreements about every decision we made on our vacation, at least we all agreed on how we wanted our steak to be cooked, thank GOD!

That would be Pittsburgh Style, which is charred crusted on the outside and cool red on the inside, my mouth just watered while I was typing that, by the way, I'm a steak and potato man. Rich, juicy, tasty and robust are the words that pop into my mind while I'm savoring every morsel of the perfectly cooked Porterhouse. Any steak sauce would be an insult to this fine cut steak, so none is needed or
even asked for! "Charley's has definitely earned the honorable title STEAK HOUSE!

So Here's the conclusion from my point of view.
Family traditions are important but don't get so caught up in traditions that you're not willing to try something new, I'm sure glad I did, because"Charley's Steak House in Orlando FL." is my new pick for where to eat on our next visit! 

Now I will say that it is a little more expensive than your average steakhouse so you might have to pass on a few Mickey Mouse ears, on your day out at the parks. BUT I swear if I even catch the monster in our hallway closet at home who keeps eating those Mickey Mouse ears I will choke it until it coughs up all our Disney memorabilia from the past 20 years! 

That's why I'm glad we chose to spend our money at a fine restaurant like "Charley's Steak House, where one day we can look back and remember the fantastic family dinner we had together, and no monster in the world can steal that away from us! Oh, and I got a pretty good blog out of it too lol.

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8255 International Drive #100, #100, Orlando, FL 32819

407.363.0228 Website 


  1. This is a great review Bobby Do Tube! My son lives in Florida so it's always nice to have a bucket list of places to visit.

    1. Hey thanks for the great comment! You and your whole family will love this restaurant, when you do decide to have dinner there please check back and let me know what you think? thanks!