Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dinner At Pasticceria Bruno Staten Island N.Y.

Have you ever passed by a restaurant over 100 times in your area and tell yourself one day I'm going to have to try that place?

One day when I can afford it, one day when I'm not so pressed for time, one day when Madonna retires! Yes, I had made the same type of excuses when it came to Pasticceria Bruno of Greenwich Village, which is only four blocks away from my house in Staten Island. So when all the elements were perfect, and there were no more excuses, my wife and I decided to take a walk over to Pasticceria Bruno and have dinner. Pasticceria Bruno has an outside sitting area right in front of the restaurant with beautiful umbrellas for midday lunch and lanterns for evening meals when the weather permits!

Pasticceria Bruno is known for their fabulous desserts and special occasion cakes. Which are the main attraction, when it comes to reviews and bloggers? So I decided before we went to Pasticceria Bruno, that I was going to review the food because I heard it was superb! I must admit when we walked in the restaurant, the aroma of desserts was heavenly, and the glass showcases of cookies, pastries, and cake displays were fantastic! You see, sweets are my weakness, but all I could hear is my mother's voice saying, NO SWEETS TILL AFTER SUPPER! I guess after 45 years it finally stuck with me?

The atmosphere was a little more dressy than I expected? The host and waiters were dressed appropriately, but as I looked around the room I  notice there were a few other men dressed just as casual as I was, and that put me more at ease. The chairs are comfortable, and tables are a nice size ( That means a lot to a BIG man like me! )
The waiter was quick to bring us water and take our order, and also was very attentive the rest of our dinner!

We started out with a Caesar salad, which was a nice size for sharing. The romaine lettuce was crisp, the focaccia crouton was crunchy, and the parmigiana cheese had a nice salty flavor to it. But what I liked the most about the salad is that they didn't overwhelm it with Caesar dressing, there is nothing I hate more than getting a mouth full of dressing and soggy lettuce!

Next, we had a bowl of lentil soup, and it was very hearty with a nice amount of veggies like carrots, potatoes, and greens with a little parmesan cheese on top. The soup was very good, and when the winter weather is here, I'm going to order two bowls for myself. For the appetizer we had a delicious shrimp risotto, the shrimps were a nice size, and the risotto had good a consistency and flavor. The portion was a tad small but still satisfying, so it's a must try!

For the entree, I had a great bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, the bowl it was served in was so pretty it could have been on the front cover of any cooking magazine! But of course, you can't eat the bowl? So I decided to enjoy the delicious meal that was inside the lovely bowl!

Mouth size tender meatballs over thin spaghetti in a light tomato sauce topped with grated cheese "mamma mia" it was sooo good! The portion was a bit small, so I do not suggest it for two. After this delicious dinner, I made the mistake that no foodie should ever make, I left no room for dessert! But I'm not worried because when I return, I'll just ignore my mom's voice and have dessert first! When I do, I will add the dessert pics to this blog. So make sure to check back soon! If you're in the Staten Island area, you should make no excuses, and have a great meal at Pasticceria Bruno of Greenwich Village! Make sure you check their full menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! It's definitely worth it!

Pasticceria Bruno Caesar Salad

Pasticceria Bruno Lentil Soup

Pasticceria Bruno Shrimp Risotto

Pasticceria Bruno Spaghetti & Meatballs

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