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A Night at Bagatelle NYC My Birthday Review!

As a lifestyle blogger/vlogger of restaurants, fashion & travel I try my best to stay on top of what's going on in the tri-state area, so far I have been very successful in the social media world with bragging rights of close to two million views! But of course I am only one person, so there were many boats I have missed as far as hot spots and trends go.

That's why I'm so happy to have family and friends who have my back, always suggesting new places I should check out and would love! This just happen to me for my 45th birthday. My cousin Sonny, who's more like a brother to me, and our long time friend George Franks, invited me out for a birthday dinner at NYC's very trendy Bagatelle, in the meatpacking district, Which I was very excited about, until I heard the one condition they give me ( I HAD TO LEAVE MY CANON REBEL T4I HOME!)

The condition would have been easier had they said ( I had to go without pants to Bagatelle or nothing? ) I mean as a restaurant blogger would it not be unethical to miss an opportunity to cover such a hot spot like Bagatelle? You see they have been with me a few times while I was blogging in a restaurant, and they know that it is hard work, and they really wanted me to enjoy my 45th birthday! Now I'm the type of person who looks at every situation from every view before I make any decisions, so here was my conclusion to my dilemma!

Like any restaurant, blogger knows you never fully enjoy the restaurant or food because you're so busy blogging about it. Many amazing meals went cold trying to get the perfect shot. You can't imagine the hateful stares I get when we have a family night out, and nobody can touch their food until I take a picture!

If the restaurant vibe is as at 10, your blogging at a vibe 5 about the vibe 10, but when your blog comes out you feel at a vibe 20! I guess it would be nice to not carry 4 lbs of dead weight around my neck? And to enjoy a hot meal? And actually, engage in a conversation without subconsciously reviewing the restaurant?

So I deiced to take the invitation for a guys night out for my 45th birthday at the trendy hot spot Bagatelle without my camera, and not to feel so naked I decided to dress old school mafia and wear my Gucci sunglasses. I mean this is NYC? Where the most fashionable people in the world come out to play! FYI the sunglasses are PRESCRIPTION!

As we walked in, they surprised me by having a few other good friends waiting for us in the restaurant. Bagatelle is exactly what my foodie friends blog about, a fantastic French Mediterranean restaurant, seen Oops! I better not let my friends catch me doing a mental review. But they saw the look on my sad face and said happy birthday BLOG AWAY! Which was bittersweet because I did not have my T4I partner with me, but thank God for iPhones, Ya I know the quality is not the same, but I will not look a birthday gift horse in the mouth!

Bagatelle is famous for their full blown party bunches around 4 pm with a great menu, strobe lights, DJ and champagne popping all over the place, which sounds like a blast! But we were looking for a night out, so they made our reservations for a table for five at 9 pm. As soon as we walk in, the owners greeted us and told us our table would be ready in 15 minutes.

At first, I notice that everyone was dress super cool in denim, suede and printed Tee's, so we were the only one's wearing neckties, and because of it we look like celebrities, the entire place wanted to get to know who we were? it's funny how you could tell a perfect stranger it's your birthday and suddenly they become your best friend, well good news spreads fast because we had a spotlight on us the whole night!

My goodness, I already love this place, and we didn't even get to our table yet? The boys were having a few drinks at the bar while we were waiting for our table and because I don't drink anything but then fancy water I decided a blogger must blog! So let's look around.

Bagatelle NYC 
The mid-size French chandeliers were 
very romantic and give a soft antique illumination 
to the French Mediterranean inspired restaurant.

Bagatelle NYC 
A beautiful bottle of Moët & Chandon with french pop art painted on the bottle in a glass case! 

Bagatelle NYC
This amazing graffiti pop art statue
sits in the middle of the restaurant for all to enjoy! 

Bagatelle NYC 
This bottle of Louis XIII is a masterpiece 
and well deserving of this beautiful display!

Bagatelle NYC
Of course, the restaurant itself was magnificent! The black curtains against the cream colored walls with a splash of pink fresh cut flowers looks so elegant! 

Bagatelle NYC
Coquillettes Au Jus, jus, jambon et Emmental
Elbow pasta, veal juice, ham, and swiss cheese
I enjoyed this dish, my favorite pasta is elbow pasta, and they were cooked just right!
The Swiss didn't overwhelm the pasta, and the ham was chopped to a nice tiny bite size.
This was the first time I tried veal juice, and it was appetizing!

Bagatelle NYC
Petrossian Caviar Selection
Now I would love to tell you that I'm a caviar connoisseur, BUT I'M NOT! What I could tell you is this, if you are a caviar connoisseur? I believe you would love this spread. The can is served in a tin bowl full of ice, with an order of small round pita bread's and five different dips to choose from, ranging from spicy to sweet! They also give you the lid for the can, just in case, there is any leftover to take home for tomorrow's lunch, which there usually is!

Bagatelle NYC
Natural fed grilled black Angus bone-in ribeye (26 oz) and pomme fritters for two.

I'm not sure what type of wood they use for the board? Maybe maple or hickory? Because for some reason it makes a steak taste ten times better than it would on expensive China! The steak was delicious, burnt in all the right places on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside. Even though the steak needs none, they give you a few dipping sauce's which were superb.

I personally love the natural taste of steak and only used them sparingly! The menu says steak for two, but we split it three ways..3 oz, 3 oz, and 20 oz, Well It Was My Birthday?! After all the years of eating mass- produced french fries it was nice to taste what real potato fries taste like again!

Bagatelle NYC
Beignets De Bagatelle custard filled doughnuts, salted caramel, crème chantilly
As a kid, I loved eating fried Dough with powdered sugar on the Atlantic City boardwalk. So while we were still eating dinner, I noticed the table next to ours had this dessert which looked to me like the fried Dough I loved as a kid, so I told our waitress to gives an order right after dinner. If anyone knows me well? They know I'm big on dessert, so my mind was on it the whole time I was eating my steak!

Finally, the dessert came, and I would like to apologize to Bagatelle for comparing my boardwalk memories to this fine French dessert! Severed warm, these toasty puffs are filled with French pastries custard and covered in cinnamon. The salted caramel and crème Chantilly are the two delicious dipping sauce's that will have you fighting with yourself on which one to dip in? A little note from a foodie on your dilemma...DIP in both of them and enjoy!

Sonny and George timed our reservations just right because as soon as I took the last bite of my dessert, the lights went out, and the DJ started playing some great music! But I guess I order the Beignets De Bagatelle to soon? Because this happened 10 minutes later. Oh Yes! what would my 45th birthday be without the entire restaurant wishing me a happy birthday? And the huge birthday ice cream sundae made this the best birthday ever!

Bagatelle NYC
Birthday Sundae
Tons of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, whip cream, hot fudge and caramel drizzles, three large chocolate chip cookies, and a fudge brownie served in a giant martini glass! 

What was my birthday wish? I wish I could be back home in my comfy pants, all alone watching I love Lucy,d with this sundae in my lap and a big spoon! But you can't always get what you wish for ha?

You would thinks the party was over but it just began!

From supermen/superwomen flying through the air with expensive champagne and sparklers popping out the top to people standing on the bar shooting dried ice smoke across the room. Bagatelle NYC, has proved itself to be the trendy hot spot with delicious French-Mediterranean food that everyone is raving about. I must admit we had a blast!

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle NYC

And of course, one last shout out!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures!! It seems like you had wonderful time on your birthday. The party spot looks so pretty. I would love to visit there. Well, lately I have been looking for the recommendations for the local party halls in Boston MA. Could you help me in this?

    1. Hey thanks so much! I had a great time and the food was amazing! I'm not to familiar with the Boston nightlife? I do know some good restaurants! TY for the comment!