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The Tap Room Pub & Grill AtlanticCity Country Club Fathers Day Weekend

I come from a long line of golfers, my great grandfather Larry, was a golfer, my grandfather Sam, was a golfer, and my father Nick is a golfer, oh, by the way, all of my cousins are golfers, and all their sons are golfers also! Of course, that particular golf gene entirely skipped my DNA! Oh, how I tried again and again to play the so-called relaxing game of golf! Which is more like an oxymoron if you ask me?

My father went as far as hiring a golf trainer for me, and after only one day of training, he told my dad, maybe your son should pick up baseball? My father was disappointed, and I was embarrassed. So the end result is? I don't like GOLF! So you could only imagine the dilemma I was in when over 23 of my close cousins invited me to an all guys fathers day weekend in our hometown Atlantic City!

 I was so excited to hear about the plans to spend a day poolside, and a day at a beach party, and eating dinner at a fine restaurant, then watch a lounge show and then spend all of father's day at the Atlantic City, Country Club...WHAT?!?!?!?..Oh no never mind you guys go without me, I'll be fine!

 I have been with them on a golf course before, everyone becomes a mean librarian, make one sound, and you're done! And since I don't play golf, what am I suppose to do? Count the trees quietly? Well after all my ranting and raving they made a conference call to me, like Atlantic City, representative they tried the soft sell first and then went in for the kill by telling me this!

The Atlantic City Country Club has an excellent restaurant called The Tap Room Pub & Grill. You can do a review on! Of course, they hit below the belt! At first, I thought they were pulling my leg? I mean, I have been to club house restaurants before, hot dogs and turkey clubs were the special of the day! So I decided to do a little research on the restaurant itself and check their website. As I was reading, I came across words like Executive Chef Ed Daggers, day timeCulinary Institute, Chef Daggers began his career at the four star, but this is what did it to for me!
(Chef Ed Daggers has also captured numerous gold medal awards in American Culinary Federation competitions for his salt dough and sugar paste masterpieces. The Atlantic City, Country Club is honored to have Chef Daggers as we encourage you to stop in and sample some of his fine culinary delights!)

So I made the call, ok guys you sold me, I'm in!! Well needless to say Friday and Saturday was a blast! Poolside with DJ'S, beach parties with frozen daiquiris at The Golden Nugget Pool which I did a video blog about Click Here to see it now! Pool Party Blog 

 Live entertainment at The Ego Bar & Lounge, Trump Taj Mahal casino at night! 

Planet Rose Karaoke Bar Tropicana casino
 I guess no matter where you go with 23 of your best friends you'll always have a blast!

To tell the truth? I could have gone home on fathers day, and still would have been very happy with my Fathers Day vaca weekend. But my cousins were so excited about playing golf I didn't want to disappoint them, besides I could always use a new blog review for my site!

As we walked in the Atlantic City Country Club, I was overwhelmed by the Majesty of the place, and the old world charm! To think of the rich history and all the important people who walked these floors? It
was very humbling. So I finally just relaxed and told myself how privileged I was to be on this golf course, and how I should just enjoy this very blessed day with my family and friends!

Oh did I forget to mention that 20 of our friends decided to meet us on the golf course? Yup! Lol Of course, with that many men on a golf course, there was no way to play a serious game of golf. So instead of being librarians, they decided to be more like the cast of the Jersey Shore, and just have some fun! Without the fist pumping of course!
So Check Out All The Fun!!.

My cousins being silly by showing off his red socks and shoes! 

Me and my cousin Richie enjoying the beautiful scenery! 

And after all was said and done it was time to eat! I had no idea that not playing golf on a golf course could work up such an appetite? So we all met up at The Tap Room Pub & Grill for our fathers day lunch!

My cousin Jackie, Me and Mark waiting for our food! 

Time To Eat! 

 Deep Fried Bread Sticks 
These were warm and crispy! Served with a creamy Parmesan  
for dipping, these are a great appetizer. 

Chicken and Cheese Fajita and Spanish Rice 
with all the trimmings! The chicken was moist, the pita was crispy 
and the cheese was soft which makes it a great tasting fajita! 

Garlic Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Rojo Sauce! 
I love jumbo shrimp, the hint of garlic and the spicy mojo
sauce made these shrimps taste so good I didn't even mind peeling them! 

Shrimp Pot Stickers With Thai Chili & Soy Ginger Dips
These crisped golden pockets are filled with a plump shrimp and Chinese veggies! 
For an extra kick dip in the Thai chili sauce or if you're more of a salty sweet person
then the soy ginger sauce is for you! These Pot Stickers are so big you can not finish them in one bite!  

Club Classic Clams Casino
With apple smoked bacon and casino butter, now plz don't ask me
what casino butter is because I don't know? BUT I do know it was very good, 
and the apple smoked bacon made this mini surf and turfs in a shell delicious! 

Classic Caesar Salad
With Parmesan Cheese, Croutons and Caesar Dressing. 
We actually split this salad among us, so this is the half of order which you can see 
is a nice size, The chicken was seasoned just right and the Parmesan Cheese was sliced
thin, this salad is very good!

Mandarin Salad

With Spring Greens, Mandarin Orange Sections, Crumbled Blue Cheese and
Tossed Pine Nuts, Citrus Dressing! We ordered some grilled mushroom to make this a full 3-course meal on one plate.The steak was medium well and very tender, so no salt, pepper or steak sauce was needed! Not to mention how the blue cheese crumbles and Mandarin Orange tasted amazing together.  

This Fathers Day weekend trip taught me a life lesson, never be so set in your ways that your not willing to try something a second time even if you hated the first time around because people change, situations change and most imported YOU change!

I'm so happy my cousins tricked me with the restaurant review plea because I would have missed the best Fathers Day weekend of my life, and would have missed eating at a 5-star restaurant like The Tap Room Pub & Grill at The Atlantic City, Country Club!

The best part is that the restaurant is separate from the golf course, so you don't need to play golf or pay a fee to get in! If you ever in the area stop in the Atlantic City, Country Club and put on a bright colored shirt and a pair of plaid pants and enjoy the great food at The Tap Room Pub &Grill....No there is no golfer dress code lol


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