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Cafe Martoranos Harrah's Resort Atlantic City! DoTube's Pick Of The Week!

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Cafe Martorano
Even though my title says Lifestyle Vlogger of Food, Fashion ( TRAVEL ) I have never been to Las Vegas! Oh, I have been invited to Las Vegas, many of times, for the Super Bowl, Fathers Day Weekend and weddings by family and friends, but with my hectic schedule I could never find the time to go?

But I never really pushed to make time. I guess it's because I grew up in Atlantic City, and wasn't much of a gambler? YES, I know that Atlantic City is not as big as Las Vegas when it comes to all the floor shows, shopping, tourist attractions, bright lights, water shows and fabulous restaurants! I found that out the hard way when all my cousins and friends went to Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend a few years back.

My cousin Sonny invited me a few times for an all guys trip to Las Vegas, for Super Bowl Weekend, but I could not manage to get away. For those of you's who may not know? My cousin Sonny is the brother I never had! He always got my back and always looking out for my best interest, especially when it comes to food and restaurants! Whenever my cousin Sonny tells me you have to try this I usually do, then wind up doing a blog about it because it was delicious!

So Sunday night I get a call around 12 am from my cousin Sonny! Umm? Why would he call me so late while he's still in Vegas? Of course, still a little groggy from my sleep I forgot there is a three-hour difference in Vegas. So when I answered my cell the first words that came out of his mouth were MEATBALL SALAD! Still, a little groggy I thought I heard him wrong...WHAT?? He repeated it slowly MEAT... Ball ...SAL..AD!

Eww, I got this funny taste in my mouth of wet lettuce mixed with sauce and meat? But a few of my friends grab the phone and persistent, dude you have to try the meatball salad it's amazing! It was evident they had a few drinks because they made the suggested like I was on my way to the restaurant and not 2.000 miles away in Staten Island N.Y!

Let me let you in on a family secret! My family never remembers the name of a restaurant. They just refer to it by their favorite dish at the restaurant! Hey let's go to the chicken carts in NYC, I'm on my way to the pork chops do you want anything? I saw John at the cheeses steaks last night! So I was not surprised when they returned, and I asked them the name of the restaurant they replied MEATBALL SALAD! I guess what happens in Vegas, really does stay in Vegas?

So a few years has passed, and I thought I would never get to try the famous meatball salad? That was until my cousin Sonny called me and said Cafe Martorano ..umm? I really needed to start screening his calls,..what?? The meatball salad is at Cafe Martorano, and he just opened a restaurant at the Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City! I made our reservations for next week!

I actually read an amazing story about Steve Martorano, how he started in Philly with nothing and now he's a major success with Restaurants In  Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlantic City, he is living the American dream which made me, even more, excited to eat at Cafe Martorano because everyone loves a good successes story!

Cafe Martorano

So my cousin Sonny and I arrived in style! I handed the hosts my DoTube Productions business card and told them I would be doing a review! They were very enthusiastic about it and promised me a night of fine dining! Watch 15-second video to get the full spectrum of Cafe Martorano

Watch 15-second video! 

The restaurant was spectacular! It's very spacious done in black and white, flat screen TV'S playing mafia movies like the God Father trilogy and classic Italian background music like Jerry Vale and Connie Francis, so you know I'm already in love with this place! On Saturday nights there is a DJ who plays great 70's disco music and lights up those spinning disco balls and turns the restaurant into a dance party!


The dispute between whether it is sauce or gravy? Has never really been settled! Who can truly say? I think it's up to the individual, especially the cook of the house! I mean if I'm hungry and the chef wants to call it gravy? Fine! Served the food and we can dispute after dessert. But if you want my personal opinion here it is! Since the food industry has total authority on what goes on the supermarket shelves, I will have to submit to their authority and go by what they consider sauce and what they consider gravy! In others words, I never saw a can of tomato gravy or a box of brown sauce?

Tomato sauce is for Italian dishes like pasta and veal parmesan and brown gravy is for comfort food like roast beef and mashed potatoes! This concept has kept me at rest at night knowing in my heart that the dispute has been settled in my own being, of course, I'm being dramatic! Now since Mr. Martorano's catch phrase is
and since I made myself clear on where I stand on this age-old dispute, I will show Mr. Martorano the respect he deserves in his very successful restaurant and calls what I consider tomato sauce tomato gravy! Now let's move on to the review!

The word that I was a restaurant blogger got around fast! because the chef wanted to meet and welcome me to Cafe Martorano, which made me feel like a star, TAKE NOTE chefs! She was extremely polite and said if I had any questions feel free to ask? I didn't have any questions but I did have one suggestion? Let's take a SELFIE!

The waitress was very kind and had a great smile which is always very comforting, TAKE NOTE waitress! She said since this is your first time here I suggest you try the meatball salad, I said YES PLEASE! The waitress and my cousin Sonny started to giggle; he told her to bring the meatball salad out first because we were both pretty hungry!

Cafe Martorano
How many of you's know when people cause to much hype about anything it puts a high expectation on it and sometimes hinders your review? Well, I must admit it was all the hype and even more!

The meatballs are made from Veal, Pork, and Beef with Italian herbs and bread crumbs, covered in delicious marinara and a dollop of ricotta cheese! The salad is made with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

It's a nice size portion, so we only order one between us, the waitress split equal parts in our dishes which is the restaurant's policy whenever people are sharing, so she did the same with the rest of our orders!

The meatball was tender and rich with flavor, and the gravy was thick and taste great when I dipped the Italian bread in it! The salad had an old world charm to it, and even though they were on the same plate, the meatball and salad never cross paths! They were both deliciously independent! I can now see why the meatball salad has turned a local Philly boy into a world known chef!

Cafe Martorano
I always ask the server what they recommend? Because who would know better what the guest order most and rave about than the server? She said give me a few minutes, and I'll surprise you with something you will love! She brought out the Mozzarella & Tomato Stack! Which is Fresh Mozzarella stacked with beefsteak tomatoes topped with basil and drench in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

It's not that I'm bytes because I'm from N.J. but there is nothing like Jersey tomatoes! So I'm already happy with this appetizer, the Fresh  Mozzarella was firm in texture and creamy in taste, of course, the basil was fresh and the olive oil and Balsamic brought it all together nicely!

Cafe Martorano
Next, I wanted to try The Shrimp Scampi Bread! Jumbo shrimp, peas and tomatoes in a scampi sauce on small toasted garlic, this was a very odd but delicious dish, I don't automatically think tomato and peas when I think scampi? But it was good!

The tomatoes and peas held their own in this light scampi sauce while the plump shrimp absorbed all the scampi's flavor as well as the toasted bread which kept nice and crunchy! If you're in the mood for something different, I recommend it!

Cafe Martorano
I told my cousin Sonny to order our main entree since he had dined at the Vegas location, and he insisted on the Veal Sicilian, which I'm glad he did because it's one of my favorite Italian dishes! Veal sliced just right, mushroom, olives, and hot cherry peppers in a butter-based sauce is a combination that can't be beaten!

I like my food with a spicy kick to it so I was very happy!  I'm not ashamed to say I order extra Italian bread to sop up all the delicious spicy / butter sauce, there wasn't one drop left on the plate!...But Hey YOLO Baby!

Well, I must admit Cafe Martorano Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, was a great dining experienced as the host promised! Fun atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious food, what more could you ask for? Oh, by the way, I called home to check on my wife, and when she answered the first words out of my mouth were,


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