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Lobster House Joe's Staten Island N.Y DoTube's Pick Of The Week!

Joe's Lobster House 
I do not consider myself to be a seafood connoisseur, but I did learn a few things about seafood spending my summers in Ogunquit ME, The one important thing I have learned is this, you shouldn't order seafood from any old restaurant just because they serve it! If the restaurant does not have the words seafood or lobster house in the title, then I probably won't order any seafood from their menu.

Now please understand that I'm not here to put any restaurants down or to say that they don't sever fresh food, BUT what I am saying is this, seafood has to be kept fresh or it could cause health problems if eaten! That's why I believe that a seafood house who excursively serves fresh seafood will keep an eye on the seafood quality more than a restaurant that has seafood listed in the right corner on the last page of their menu! Which only means that it's not a popular dish and therefore sits for extended periods of time and can become spoiled!

But of course, this does not apply to 5-star restaurants or a restaurant with great a reputation, and I don't believe the coconut shrimps at Applebee's which I enjoy myself is a problem. What I am saying is this, you shouldn't eat clams on a half shell or a whole lobster at FiFi's chicken and waffles! BTW that was not a food review because I just made that name up to make a point! Sorry to all the FiFi's chicken and waffles across the country! But you probably shouldn't be serving seafood in the first place.

So when I moved to Staten Island I was really excited to find out Lobster House Joe's was walking distance from where I live. My friends raved about it, so I finally decided to take my family for dinner there!

Lobster House Joe's 

Lobster House Joe's

Lobster House Joe's

Lobster House Joe's

Lobster House Joe's
As you walk in Lobster House Joe's, you are instantly transported to an authentic New England restaurant with fun decorations like giant crabs, lobsters, and hulls. The aroma of fresh fish that flows through the air tells you that this is a real seafood house that serves great seafood dishes!  

Lobster House Joe's
( Tequila Shrimp 10 )
This appetizer was superb The sauteed shrimps were nice and clean, 
but of course, it's all about the tequila sauce! This creamy sauce has a nice kick to it, so make sure you order extra bread because of its perfect for dipping! I like that it's served on a metal tray, that way it keeps the shrimps warm while you are eating them! 

Lobster House Joe's
( Baked Clams )
These clams were very good! The bread crumbs were toasty with just the right herbs, and the clams were plump clean and juicy! They were laid over a butter garlic sauce and topped with fresh lemon slices.They also were served on a metal tray to keep warm while you eat them! 

Lobster House Joe's
( Fried Scallops )
Next, we order the deep fried scallops! Scallops are among my favorite seafood dishes. I love them grilled, sauteed or baked! But of course, the fat side of me loves scallops deep fried the most! These scallops were golden and crispy on the outside and white and tender on the inside, squeeze a little 
 lemon and dip them in tartar sauce, and your meal is complete!

Lobster House Joe's

(Shrimp Parmesan Sandwich) 
This sandwich is unique in a few different ways! The usual shrimp Parmesan sandwich is loaded with marinara, to the point where the shrimp get lost in it and served on an Italian hoagie roll. At Joe's, they use very little marinara with big butterflied shrimp that you can bite into and taste! Even the Parmesan cheese which is delicious is not the star of this sandwich. It's all about the toasted garlic bread that I had them serve it on, which is a special request that they will honor! Of course, I always order a cup of medium hot marinara on the side for dipping! This is truly a 3-course meal in itself and big enough to share.

Lobster House Joe's
(Shrimp Parmesan Over Linguine)
Maybe you're in the mood for a more traditional dinner? Try the shrimp Parmesan over linguine or the fried shrimp with marinara linguine! They're both equally delicious!

Lobster House Joe's
( The Fisherman's Feast )
Awww yes! The fisherman's feast, for the true lover of the deep fried sea! This entree haves the best that Joe's, has to offer, deep fried Scallops, Filet, and Shrimps! This array of golden seafood is delicious and also a family favorite when it comes to sharing. Whenever my family of 6 dine at Joe's we order two of the Fisherman's Feast for the table, plus many other of our favorites!

Lobster House Joe's
Baked Salmon ) 
And for those of us who are making better choices to approve our well-being, Joe's, has a delicious baked salmon in butter, lemon and garlic sauce that you will love! I have never felt deprived when the rest of my family order fried seafood for dinner because the salmon is delicious! But of course, that's only on occasions when I only eat salmon and not indulge in the fried fish feast!

Lobster House Joe's
As you can see this is definitely one of my favorite dishes at Joe's, 
and the portion is a nice size,  BUT I'm not sharing ... SORRY GUYS!

 Lobster House Joe's
(Italian Cheese Cake) 
And of course, the best part of any meal whether you're watching your waistline or not? Is Dessert! This Italian Cheese Cake is surrounded by whip cream and chocolate drizzles. It is definitely worthy to be called a New York Style Cheese Cake in my books!

All in all my theory was right! If you want a great seafood meal, make sure the restaurant is a seafood house or has a good reputation for serving top quality seafood! Luckily Lobster House Joe's possesses both qualities. If you ever in the Staten Island area I recommend it highly!

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