Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Boro Burger NYC! DoTube's Pick Of The Week

It's not always easy trying a new restaurant. People don't want to spend their money because they're not sure how is the food? If the place is clean? How is the service? But you see? That's what I'm here for, and I found a place in NYC, where you can get an amazing burger!

Yes! I know what your thinking, not another burger joint? Well as you may or may not know? I'm a big advocate when it comes to specialty restaurants if I'm in the mood for lobster I'm going to choose a restaurant where their specialty is the lobster!

A sure way to get me to try a restaurant is if the specialty food is in the title of the restaurant! Since the name of this restaurant is 5 Boro Burger, guess where I'm going when I'm in the mood for a good burger in NYC? Ahh, you guys know me well!

5 Boro Burger is on the corner of 36 st, and 6th ave, the orange neon trimming on the walls give the restaurant an ultra modern feel, and is surrounded by windows for the perfect view of the city!

The place is clean and comfortable and has a flat screen TV on every wall. As soon as I walked in, the hosted set my down at a table of my choice, of course, I chose a table facing the window so I could enjoy the view of the city! The waiter came, but I told him I needed a few minutes to check the menu.The menu has a pretty good verity of different types of food for people who may not want a burger.

Like Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap, Classic Reuben, and Fried Green Plantain
With mojito (garlic sauce)

But for all the great visuals, 
fun music, and full restaurant review, 
watch my video at the bottom of the blog! 

5 Boro Burger NYC 

5 Boro Burger NYC

5 Boro Burger NYC 

5 Boro Burger NYC

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